“indochina by tamami watanabe” レーベル

indochina tamami watanabe
今年2015年より、「indochina by tamami watanabe」という新しいレーベルを始めました。まだ手仕事が残るアジアには、様々な布があります。それを使ってみたいのです。
In 2015, we began offering a second line of clothing under our new “indochina” label.

This label will feature clothing made from natural fabric personally chosen and bought by me and sourced solely from countries in South and Southeast Asia: India, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, and elsewhere in this wide region. These clothes will be sewn in Asia (ex-Japan) and dyed there as well, near the source of the fabric used.

We hope through this new line to bring our customers a wider choice of fabrics, traditionally made and naturally dyed in South and Southeast Asia.

Our customers will notice little difference in color scheme, as we intend to continue to provide our basic whites, off-whites, and deep indigo blues.

We hope that this second line of clothing will be well received, and look forward to your comments.


tamami watanabe khadi cotton blouse
Khadhi cotton blouse