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Our online shop remains open. This week, I added some new items dyed in various colors, so please take a look at them! Also, I will put up one more summer piece in July, so please check back then as well.

リネンのピンタックブラウス ライラック
リネンのピンタックブラウス ライラック





Last night, we heard a public announcement broadcast by loudspeaker in our neighborhood warning us to expect heavy rain and that there was an increased risk of landslides in the area. In fact, we learned this morning that some 16,000 residents in nearby communities had been evacuated as a precaution. Though it rained, the amounts predicted never materialized, and we were spared the worst. I rushed about putting together an impromptu emergency kit of flashlights, rain gear, and the plush animals my son takes to bed with him should we have had to leave our house. He was doing his homework at the time and became a little upset with all the scurrying about, saying: “I don’t want to leave our house!”