6th January







With New Year behind us, I can again focus on work.

I have completed almost all design and pattern work for 2015, both for Spring-Summer and Autumn-Winter. More than half are all new designs; the other half, previous popular designs with modifications, which I will make available with new materials. One final design for 2015, a linen coat, will be made from fabric from Linificio, a manufacturer located in Bergamo, in northern Italy.

The hand-woven Indian kadhi cotton cloth I ordered from a factory near Calcutta has arrived, and I look forward to working with this new natural fabric.

In the photo for today’s entry, you can see a blouse of the kind worn by a member of the Swedish royal family in the 16th Century. At that time, all clothing was hand sewn, of course. Today, the detail and all the time-consuming pleating and gathering of fabric, is doable only in the best of haute couture houses. Often, these antique clothes, though well maintained considering their age, have on them blood stains and less violent examples of day-to-day use. 

period costume